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11.12.2019 -
Author: GM Lunia

Today there will be a patch that adds some new content, and improves some older lower level spawns!

-Removed the 1 second exhaust on using reroll tokens, can be used once every 100 milliseconds now.

-The following spawns have been increased in size: skull hunters, terrorsleeps, chubbles, diamond knights, diremaws, glacial mages, cursed destroyers, elite grim reapers, undead dragons, guzzlemaws.

-The demon outcast spawn has been completely remade, the old attribute point is located inside the new spawn.

-Almost all monsters between the levels 1->500 spawn twice as fast now.

-Made quest monsters that spawn teleports spawn faster, in some really rare cases they would take too long to spawn and players would be stuck for a long duration.

-You can now use the command !percentage to display your health and mana as percentages in the client. This is useful for high level players who have over 65535 health or mana, since the client cant display health and mana values over that.

-It's now possible to push creatures while you are attacking.

-NPC 'Sawyer the Hunter' now has 2 additional tasks (demonic spiders and elite hellflayers).

-A new floor has been added inside the teleport room, it's for players above level 1400.

-Added four new spawns for players above level 1400, all of these spawns contains attributes to unlock.

-Added two new quests for players above level 1400.

-Added a new NPC, 'Scam Artist' located inside the new level 1400 room. 

-Updated the !stats command to display your maximum health and maximum mana.

This was only mentioned on our discord, so it will be posted here also: the last weekend we upgraded our server's machine, which means we can handle a lot of more players without any laggs! Previously we were bottlenecked and couldn't have more players online, but now we can and we'll do our best to advertise the server more and make it more popular!

29.11.2019 -
Beta client
Author: GM Lunia

If you are using the beta client, you have to update it. If you have the 1.3 version the client start will closing itself today, to fix this download new client.

24.11.2019 -
Author: GM Lunia

-Added a new quest inside the 1100+ area.

-Added two new spawns inside the 1100+ area, contains best xp:hp ratio of all monsters in the game. A new boss is located in these spawns.

-Spooky monsters now have very low chance to drop a cursed skull, which gives the user the spooky mummy outfit. (this is much rarer than spooky masks).

-Added new aoe spells for all vocations, druids & sorcerers gets a new aoe spell at level 1300, paladins and knights gets their new aoe spell at level 1500. These spells deals slightly more damage than their last aoe spells.

-Added new single target spells for all vocations, druids & sorcerers gets a new single target spell at level 1500, knights gets their new single target spell at level 1600, and paladins gets theirs at level 1700. These spells deals slightly more damage than their last single target spells.

-Normal bosses (the ones in the !boss list) has had their experience increased.

-Gigantic eyeball now spawns automatically roughly every 3 days, it can spawn inside some specific spawns and quests. It will be broadcasted ingame where it spawns. 

-Added two new rare bosses that can spawn roughly once a week automatically.

-Added monster exiva, a new spell which lets you locate monsters. This is useful for bosses, for example it will now be easier to find noxious mage, corrupted demon etc when they spawn, also useful for gigantic eyeball and a new boss that was added in this patch.

-Fixed a bug that caused the "boss is still alive" message from bosses to be broadcasted even if the boss was already dead.

-Reduced the amount of spam from the zombie event inside the event channel (now it will no longer announce every player that was eaten). It should also properly announce the winners everytime now.

-Small serverside optimizations, now our server should be able to hold more players with less laggs.


22.11.2019 -
Some info!
Author: GM Lunia

Hello, recently we released a new client for players to test, the new client is much smoother, has more space for backpacks, has manabars and more quality of life features. It's based on otcv8 and has our own bot that's built for evolunia, roughly half of our players is already using this client and it's been working great for the majority of people that have tested it, so we suggest to you to give it a try! We will keep working on this client since it has tons of potential. 

Our server has also gained lots of players recently, yesterday we had the highest players peak in a long time - which is really nice to see!

The next game update will take place this weekend (either on sunday or saturday) it will introduce some new higher levels spells which deals slightly more damage than previous spells, some new content, some more automatic bosses (there will be new ones, and bosses like gigantic eyeball will start spawning automatically), monster exiva (will be useful for finding bosses) along with some more changes. 

3.11.2019 -
Author: GM Lunia

-Disintegrate Rune can no longer be used on tiles containing 'magic sparks'.

-The halloween event has ended, so spooky monsters will no longer be spawned all the time.

-Added a new item 'spooky heart', this item activates the halloween event (now named spooky event instead). This item makes spooky monsters appear in every spawn for 2 hours, and has a global cooldown of 6 hours. The item is removed upon usage, and it can be found as a rare drop from most bosses. Adjusted how rare spooky mask is (it's now rougly twice as rare), and adjusted how many extra spooky monsters that will spawn (before around 1 spooky monster spawned for every 10 normal monster, now it's around 1 per 6 normal monsters, so when a player has activated this event it will be more noticeable than during halloween). Players will also recieve a message when they login if this event is activated.

-Added a cap to how much experience can be lost at death.

-The dungeon clock countdown should now display the correct time.

-Added two new quests inside the 1100+ area.

-Added two new spawns inside the 1100+ area, these new monsters contain the best exp:hp ratio.

-The mindreader boss should now properly spawn every 4 hours. 


There has also been further work done on our upcoming alternative client that's based on otcv8, but it's not ready yet. It will contain many quality of life features, smoother walking, more options and an inbuilt bot.

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