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22.11.2019 -
Some info!
Author: GM Lunia

Hello, recently we released a new client for players to test, the new client is much smoother, has more space for backpacks, has manabars and more quality of life features. It's based on otcv8 and has our own bot that's built for evolunia, roughly half of our players is already using this client and it's been working great for the majority of people that have tested it, so we suggest to you to give it a try! We will keep working on this client since it has tons of potential. 

Our server has also gained lots of players recently, yesterday we had the highest players peak in a long time - which is really nice to see!

The next game update will take place this weekend (either on sunday or saturday) it will introduce some new higher levels spells which deals slightly more damage than previous spells, some new content, some more automatic bosses (there will be new ones, and bosses like gigantic eyeball will start spawning automatically), monster exiva (will be useful for finding bosses) along with some more changes. 

3.11.2019 -
Author: GM Lunia

-Disintegrate Rune can no longer be used on tiles containing 'magic sparks'.

-The halloween event has ended, so spooky monsters will no longer be spawned all the time.

-Added a new item 'spooky heart', this item activates the halloween event (now named spooky event instead). This item makes spooky monsters appear in every spawn for 2 hours, and has a global cooldown of 6 hours. The item is removed upon usage, and it can be found as a rare drop from most bosses. Adjusted how rare spooky mask is (it's now rougly twice as rare), and adjusted how many extra spooky monsters that will spawn (before around 1 spooky monster spawned for every 10 normal monster, now it's around 1 per 6 normal monsters, so when a player has activated this event it will be more noticeable than during halloween). Players will also recieve a message when they login if this event is activated.

-Added a cap to how much experience can be lost at death.

-The dungeon clock countdown should now display the correct time.

-Added two new quests inside the 1100+ area.

-Added two new spawns inside the 1100+ area, these new monsters contain the best exp:hp ratio.

-The mindreader boss should now properly spawn every 4 hours. 


There has also been further work done on our upcoming alternative client that's based on otcv8, but it's not ready yet. It will contain many quality of life features, smoother walking, more options and an inbuilt bot.

19.10.2019 -
Author: GM Lunia

Hello, this week I have worked on some stuff for a new alternative client based on OTClient v8 which should be available soon for players to use! It will include our own bot and some other things, it also runs much smoother than the regular tibia client that we are using currently. 
I have also tried advertising the server abit more and as a result a lot of new players has joined our server the past week!

Today there will just be a small patch introducing a halloween event and a new dungeon.
Patch notes for today:

-Ninja legs now also grants -1% damage taken.

-Spooktober has come to evolunia! A small halloween event has been added, now spooky ghosts and more monsters has a chance to appear in every spawn, these monsters gives the same experience and loot as the monsters inside the spawn. Killing 60 halloween monsters will give players an attribute point. Spooky monsters above level 700 has a chance to drop a new outfit item. This event will end on 3rd november. It will also be possible in the future for players to trigger this event to happen for 24 hours by using a rare item (so that players that misses the event will still be able to get the attribute points in the future).

 -Added a new dungeons for players above level 1300, called 'demonic', contains a new outfit and mount to unlock.

13.10.2019 -
Small patch
Author: GM Lunia

Just a small patch making some small additions to the 1100+ room that was added last week.

-Added two new quests inside the 1100+ area.

-Added a new spawn inside the 1100+ area.

-Added a new shop exclusive outfit (owl keeper).

11.10.2019 -
Small patch without restart
Author: GM Lunia

Hello, last update brought some issues, we had to revert some changes like health percentages and things related to items upgrading which caused some issues (even though it wasn't possible to upgrade items yet).

We also gained lots of new players and hit our players peak in a long time, so welcome to everybody who's back and welcome to all the new players! We'll keep working on updates, today I will just mention some changes that have been added without a restart:

-The winter dungeon boss now properly gives an attribute point the first time it's killed (players that have already killed it will need to kill it again to get it).

-Previously the Daily Task NPC gave much more experience than intended for players above level 1500. The experience has now been adjusted so that players below level 1500 gain abit more experience than before from daily tasks, and players above level 1500 gain roughly 50% less experience from daily tasks, and it gives lower and lower the higher level you are. To make up for this experience loss, all experience from monsters for players between levels 1500->1930 gives roughly 30% more experience. This will make it so that more of your levels will come from dungeons, monsters, etc instead of just getting the majority of your levels from the daily task npc. Some mechanics like red skulled and white skulled creatures now also yield more experience for players above level 1350.

-Increased the drop chance of new items that were added last patch from bosses.

-Fixed the 'bugged' houses inside the city. (was fixed 2 days ago)

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