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10.11.2017 -
Small update
Author: GM Lunia

-Added a new system, whenever you kill a non-skulled monster, it has a chance to spawn an "orb", stepping on it will give you a random bonus such as: 2x experience, 2x dmg to monsters, increased movement speed for a short period. It can also give a random amount of experience depending on the creature that spawned it and it also has a chance to give you mystery boxes, monsters with more health are more likely to give mystery boxes from orbs. But it's still very rare.

-Added auto loot system, you can use the talkaction "!autoloot add, fire sword" to add items that will automatically be picked up from monsters.

-Added two trainers outside of temple and depot. There's a food npc there also.

-Mounts can now be used inside of PZ.

-If you look on yourself you will now see your current bonus exp multiplier, so with only bonus stamina it would say 1.5x.

More stuff will keep on coming! Thanks for playing!

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