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9.11.2017 -
Author: GM Lunia

Today I've added and changed:

-Adjusted the food system, now you're always full, and if you eat food you will instead gain a small random buff for 5 minutes.

-Added a new spell, utito gran mas frigo, it summons a ice tornado that deals damage around the caster for 10 seconds.

-Enabled donations on the website, for now you can only donate via paypal, money will go towards advertising and server costs.

-Added a new spell, exevo mas flam, shoots a lot of fire around the caster for a duration of 1 second.

-You now regenerate stamina even when you're online. So you can skill, do quests and still get stamina!

-Added new missions to NPC Taskia.

-New quest in 200+ area for new potions.

-A new monster, ravenous barbarians were added in the 200+ area.

-Lowered the damage of quest monsters in the 200+ area a little bit.

-Server now auto-saves every 20 minutes.

-Every bug that was reported has been fixed.

-Changed the website layout.

-You can now x-log and still train.

Thanks for playing! I'll keep doing constant updates, I have a lot of things planned!

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