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22.11.2019 -
Some info!
Author: GM Lunia

Hello, recently we released a new client for players to test, the new client is much smoother, has more space for backpacks, has manabars and more quality of life features. It's based on otcv8 and has our own bot that's built for evolunia, roughly half of our players is already using this client and it's been working great for the majority of people that have tested it, so we suggest to you to give it a try! We will keep working on this client since it has tons of potential. 

Our server has also gained lots of players recently, yesterday we had the highest players peak in a long time - which is really nice to see!

The next game update will take place this weekend (either on sunday or saturday) it will introduce some new higher levels spells which deals slightly more damage than previous spells, some new content, some more automatic bosses (there will be new ones, and bosses like gigantic eyeball will start spawning automatically), monster exiva (will be useful for finding bosses) along with some more changes. 

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