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3.11.2019 -
Author: GM Lunia

-Disintegrate Rune can no longer be used on tiles containing 'magic sparks'.

-The halloween event has ended, so spooky monsters will no longer be spawned all the time.

-Added a new item 'spooky heart', this item activates the halloween event (now named spooky event instead). This item makes spooky monsters appear in every spawn for 2 hours, and has a global cooldown of 6 hours. The item is removed upon usage, and it can be found as a rare drop from most bosses. Adjusted how rare spooky mask is (it's now rougly twice as rare), and adjusted how many extra spooky monsters that will spawn (before around 1 spooky monster spawned for every 10 normal monster, now it's around 1 per 6 normal monsters, so when a player has activated this event it will be more noticeable than during halloween). Players will also recieve a message when they login if this event is activated.

-Added a cap to how much experience can be lost at death.

-The dungeon clock countdown should now display the correct time.

-Added two new quests inside the 1100+ area.

-Added two new spawns inside the 1100+ area, these new monsters contain the best exp:hp ratio.

-The mindreader boss should now properly spawn every 4 hours. 


There has also been further work done on our upcoming alternative client that's based on otcv8, but it's not ready yet. It will contain many quality of life features, smoother walking, more options and an inbuilt bot.

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