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11.10.2019 -
Small patch without restart
Author: GM Lunia

Hello, last update brought some issues, we had to revert some changes like health percentages and things related to items upgrading which caused some issues (even though it wasn't possible to upgrade items yet).

We also gained lots of new players and hit our players peak in a long time, so welcome to everybody who's back and welcome to all the new players! We'll keep working on updates, today I will just mention some changes that have been added without a restart:

-The winter dungeon boss now properly gives an attribute point the first time it's killed (players that have already killed it will need to kill it again to get it).

-Previously the Daily Task NPC gave much more experience than intended for players above level 1500. The experience has now been adjusted so that players below level 1500 gain abit more experience than before from daily tasks, and players above level 1500 gain roughly 50% less experience from daily tasks, and it gives lower and lower the higher level you are. To make up for this experience loss, all experience from monsters for players between levels 1500->1930 gives roughly 30% more experience. This will make it so that more of your levels will come from dungeons, monsters, etc instead of just getting the majority of your levels from the daily task npc. Some mechanics like red skulled and white skulled creatures now also yield more experience for players above level 1350.

-Increased the drop chance of new items that were added last patch from bosses.

-Fixed the 'bugged' houses inside the city. (was fixed 2 days ago)

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