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5.10.2019 -
Author: GM Lunia

 This patch adds a bunch of new items, quests, spawns, tasks, a new dungeon and a client update (you will need to redownload our client) along with bug fixes and overall improvements. You can read the full changes below:

-The client has been updated to contain lots of new outfits, mounts, items, grounds, decorations. You will need to download our client again to prevent debugs.

-The fast training monks should no longer cause debugs to players.

-Attack speed now has a limit of 200ms, this shouldn’t affect any players but it allows us to add more attack speed items without worrying about players hitting zero attack speed.

-The north section of the city has been updated to contain a couple of more houses.

-The location of the teleport room has been changed (previously it was north of the city, which limited the space the room had and limited how we could change the city).

-Added a new dungeon for players above level 1100, contains the most amount of monsters of any dungeon, can give new mounts and can spawn a random boss that drops a couple of new items.

-Added a new room inside the teleport room for players above level 1100, contains 5 new spawns with all of their own treasures to find. The room also contains 3 new quests, and next weekend it will most likely be expanded to contain more spawns and quests.

-Added two new bosses, one is located in one of the new spawns, the other one is a rare spawn.

-The daily task NPC now has the possibility to give you Icy Vortexes and Silver Dragons as the daily task, the npc has also been updated to contain the new monsters that are added with this patch.

-A new task NPC has been added inside the 900 room, contains a couple of tasks for killing monsters, with attributes, new items and good experience as rewards.

-NPC Madcap now has a couple of new missions.

-Tons of new equipment, charms, etc has been added, they can be found in new content added with this patch, and some of the items are rare drops from old bosses.

-Previously players under level 650 gained roughly 25% more experience from monsters, now this bonus is applied to all players under level 1000 instead.

-The experience rates for players between levels 900-1400 has been increased by roughly 10%.

-Reduced the experience death penalty for players above level 1250 by roughly 10%.

-You can now see the last 10 (instead of 5) deaths of a player on their profiles on the website, this will only start working for new deaths.

-The website has been updated to contain new outfits and item images.

Changes that have been ingame for quite a while but haven’t been mentioned anywhere, so I will post them here:

-The !kills command now displays time remaining on your red and black skull.

-The first time that you win the zombie event you will now recieve an attribute point. (thanks to Flying Whore for this idea) 

-Invasion portals can now be spawned by Gamemasters, will be used in some manual raids! There have also been some new exclusive raid monsters added, which can give some new attributes!

-The bonus speed orb was changed to be a Damage Aura boost instead, like those that were added inside of dungeons recently. You still gain the bonus speed from the orb, but now also gain a damage aura for a short duration of time.


There has also been work done on a new vocation, and our own item upgrading system, these two things are not fully ready yet, but I expect them to be out in this month atleast, and I will try my best to put out smaller updates more often.

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