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3.6.2019 -
New features and some performance fixes
Author: GM Lunia

Hello, today we're adding another random thing that can occur inside of spawn, now 'invasion portals' can appear, stepping inside an invasion portal will start spawning tons of monsters, you can exit the portal to make the spawning stop and you can reenter the portal again to make more monsters spawn again. The invasion portal will disapear after a time limit (3 hours) or after all the monters from the portal has been spawned (they can spawn up to 40 monsters). The monsters that spawn have orange skull, which means they deal 40% less damage, and have 30% less hitpoints. The chance for a invasion portal to spawn is roughly 10x more rare than a monster box spawning. We've got some more plans to add things like this, since it makes hunting more fun.  These portals will probably be used for some raids and such in the future too.

There's also some achievements to gain from spawning monsters from these portals. 

21:50 ACHIEVEMENT: You have spawned 1000 monsters with invasion portals!

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box

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