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1.6.2019 -
Author: GM Lunia

-The wiki has been updated to contain some basic info about dungeons, events, most missing bosses has been added. There also has been a section added about things that aren't so obvious, like when are events, when are houses cleaned etc. [made by Nefinoo]

-Adjusted the PvP damage between different vocations by a small amount. 

-High level monsters (700+) inside spawns now deal slightly less damage towards mages.

-Added a new quest inside the 900+ area. 

-Added a new spawn inside the 900+ area. 

-NPC Madcap now has 3 new missions.

-You now need to be inside a protection zone in order to use !joinevent command while there's no event running, if there's an event running you can still use the command to join events outside from protection zones aslong as you don't have battle.

-Changed how the orbs that give experience inside the dungeons works, before when you got an orb that gave flat experience it gave you a very small amount of experience inside dungeons. Now instead of giving flat experience, you will get a damage aura around you similar to utito gran mas frigo that only damages creatures around you for a short duration. We'll probably make more adjustments to add more interesting boosts similar to this one in the future.

-You can now change your characters names for 100 premium points inside the account management page.

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