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14.5.2019 -
Small patch
Author: GM Lunia

-Disintegrate rune now works like on real tibia, previously you couldn't use it on tiles where players stood, and it would only remove the top item. Now you can use it on tiles where players stand and it removes every item in the stack.

-Added the missing level 900+ quests to the quest "tracker" (when you step into a quest that you've completed, it will tell you if you've completed them, or when you look at the teleport leading to the quest).

-Added a new dungeon for players above level 900+. It contains a larger amount of monsters than previous dungeons, and there's a new outfit obtainable from this dungeon.

-Fixed a bug that caused the premium scroll to only display 10% bonus exp increase when you looked at yourself, it still gave +15% experience but it only displayed 10% when you looked at yourself and checked your exp multiplier.

-The giga spider arena was changed a littlebit, now it has more entrances and can fit more players.

-Added a small jail inside the city.

-Added some new missions to NPC Madcap.

-Added 5 new houses, located south west inside the city.

-Chain was changed to work as it should. (this has been ingame since 1 week back, but it hasn't been mentioned on the website news yet, only on our forums on discord, so I will include it here too) Here's the information how it was changed: chain changes

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