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5.4.2019 -
Author: GM Lunia

-The city has has had lots of improvements so that it looks better, there has also been some new small areas added to the city, there's also 4 new houses added to the city.

-Added lots of new equipment which can be obtainable from new bosses, and some of the items have been added to old bosses. (Gigantic Eyeball and Shadow Rider)

-Added a new boss inside the Cultist spawn, spawns every hour.

-Added a new boss inside the City, spawns once every four hours.

-Added two new quests in the 900+ zone.

-The quest monsters inside the 900+ quests are now stronger.

-Red, black and green skulled creatures will now do abit less damage.

-Some of the monsters located inside the 750+ and 900+ zones has had some adjustments, now they deal more damage with melee, they deal less damage from range, and they also have a max range of 3 on most ranged spells. (added yesterday)

-We don't want people to be botting bosses so we've added an automatic system that should prevent players from botting bosses. The automatic system will prevent afk botters from doing damage to bosses, we also have the option to permanently punish (it will be used for when the automatic system isn't enough) players now with never being able to damage to bosses again. 

-Fixed a bug that caused the spells exevo mas row, exevo mas flam, exevo mas frigo to deal double damage if you attacked a player inside the same stack as you.

-Pushing with weapons is enabled again.

-Fixed a bug on the website which caused some players to be unable to add comments/hide their characters. 

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