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29.3.2019 -
Author: GM Lunia

Today I'll make a patch adding some new higher level quests and spawns. We will also be doing some  bugfixes and suggestions from our players.

-Players above level 950 now gain 35% less experience from pvp kills. (this was added around 1 week ago)

-You can now buy a new item at the dungeon token levers. (it summons a new boss, when the item is used it will automatically be broadcasted ingame of which player spawned it and where it spawned)

-There's now a PvP Arena located inside the city (in there you don't gain skulls, you don't lose anything on death), it can be accessed next to the raid area (west from temple).
-Improved some spawns for lower levelled players, it was difficult to complete some of the earlier tasks because some spawns were too small. We have added a couple of new areas to some spawns, like demons, medusas, deepling elites. We have also improved the spawn rate and amount of monsters in some of the early spawns. 

-The teleport pads inside the corym and rotworms spawns are now located inside protection zones so that pz locked players can no longer make use of them. We also added another floor to the rotworm spawn.

-Fixed a bug that made it possible to shoot magic walls and wild growths at the same time.

-Fixed a bug that prevented you from pushing creatures while you were attacking something.

-Added a new zone in the teleport room, it's for players above level 900, it contains 4 new spawns and 2 new quests.

-Monsters inside dungeons now give slightly more experience.

-Changed exp scaling at really high levels, before at level 1400+ you started to gain 70% less experience from monsters, now it's 45% less and will go up to 70% less at level 1600. (added yesterday)

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