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3.3.2019 -
Some fixes, requested changes, new quest and a spawn!
Author: GM Lunia

Making a small patch with some requested changes, bugfixes & new quest and spawn. Changes will be ingame in around 10 minutes. 

-Added more missions to NPC Madcap. As a result of this, there's some new areas to explore.

-You no longer deal damage to players inside the same guild as you, even when you have the PvP "hand" enabled. If you want to be able to attack your guildmates, then you can type !atkguild (the player that typed it can then attack people in his guild).

-You can now see a players speed & atk speed when you look at them. 

-If someone has casted a magic wall or a magic field, you can now see who casted it. 

-Videos of all 1-350 quests has been added to the wiki (by nefinoo).

-Added a new 750+ quest.

-Added a new 750+ spawn.

-Lowered difficulty of some 500+ quests.

-You can now equip items with hotkeys.

-Some map bugs were fixed.

-Vice leaders of guilds can now broadcast to the entire guild with the !bg command.

-Houses with inactive owners should now properly get cleaned everyday again.

-Added some extra information ingame for new players (stuff new people often asked questions about, like where do you get glooth bandit contract, how do I complete 200+ potion quest)

-You can now buy a new outfit on the website store. Remember that supporting the server is a great way for you to help us out, with the money we earn from the shop we can advertise the server better, we can get more people to help develop the server and it allows us to put more time into the server.

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