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9.11.2018 -
Random bosses
Author: GM Lunia

Added 4 automatic bosses that can spawn anywhere where the monsters give good experience in comparison to their health, so it will spawn mostly inside of spawns, but in some rare cases it could end up spawning inside quests. When such a boss spawns, it will automatically be broadcasted ingame, for example "Lethal Golem has spawned nearby Ancient Golems.". Everyone that attacks the boss will gain a double experience boost for 15minutes (after the boss has died), and have a small chance to gain an attribute points when the boss dies. There will also be mystery boxes that spawns around the boss when it dies, and the boss corpse itself can drop some new mounts. The boss strength, health and attacks is based on the monsters it spawned next to.

This is ingame now, and the bosses will spawn a few times everyday automatically.

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