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2.11.2018 -
Patch with bug fixes, some changes and two new quests.
Author: GM Lunia

Making a patch that's gonna fix a couple of bugs along with some changes and new quests.

-Fixed a bug in training monks that caused players to get teleported to the wrong place. (added 2 days ago)

-Added exhaust for changing outfits (to block bots rapidly changing outfits, added 2 days ago)

-PvP damage decreased alittle bit for all vocations (added 1 day ago)

-Fixed the highscores page so that promoted vocations are included when you are looking at highscores for each vocation. (added 1 day ago)

-Added more houses located south in the city. (was added this morning)

-Reduced damage of most monsters in the level 650+ quests and deathlings.

-Fixed a bug that caused monster boxes to spawn in places where players couldn't activate them (happened mostly in death priest and silencer spawn).

-Fixed a bug that caused monster boxes to spawn onto items that had a higher priority than the monster boxes (this happened for example in the skull hunter spawn, monster boxes could spawn on some lamps and weren't able to be used then)

-Increased the chance of all monsters dropping orbs by a small amount.

-Monsters with level 500+ are now twice as likely to drop orbs, and all the increased amount of orbs that will drop will all give flat experience.

-Added two new quests inside the 650+ area.

-Added two new rare outfits to mystery boxes.

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