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23.10.2018 -
Some changes
Author: GM Lunia

-It's now possible to change guild descriptions and add new ranks to your guilds on the website. (added two days ago)

-Added some items which weren't sellable to NPC Lootslave.

-Healing increase now affects health potions properly.

-Fixed a bug with the ingame healing bot for knights which caused mana potions to be prioritized over health potions.

-Added a new level door for 650+, currently contains 2 spawns and 2 quests.

-Added mute command for tutors (added 2 days ago)

-1 point of damage increase now gives 0.85% damage increase (down from 0.90% damage increase) we'll probably adjust how this stat is displayed in the future

-Some PvP damage adjustments. (minor adjustments to how much damage different vocations deals to eachother)

-Frags now last for 8 hours (down from 12).  (this change might increase the amount of frags you have,, so check your frags after restart)

-Red skull now requires 15 frags (up from 10)

-Black skull now requires 25 frags (up from 20)

Next patch after this should contain some more spells for some vocations along with some missions. Note, that we're not that focused on pvp balance right now because the balance will look completely different with new spells, new systems, potions and items that are coming. But we'll try to make small changes to the pvp damage between different vocations most patches (like this one), and see how that affects the balance. 

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