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19.10.2018 -
New boss, spawns and quest!
Author: GM Lunia

-A new boss was added,, it can drop a new pair of legs, 3 different mounts and a new charm.

-Added retro outfit doll, you can choose between all the retro outfits and unlock which one you want, along with an attribute point. The dolls can be gotten as a very rare drop from giga spider, dreamhaunter or massive smasher. They're also available through donating.

-Added two new spawns, terrorsleeps and frozemoths.

-Added a couple of new missions to NPC Adventuria.

-Mystery boxes were changed a little bit, now they can also give evolunia tokens.

-Monsters should only spawn in reachable places now.

-You can no longer push players into PZ zones.

-Chain attacks (from stats) will now deal a bit less damage, before it dealt a lot more damage if your damage increase stat was high, in the future we will fix so that it deals the same damage as your normal attacks, even if your damage increase stat is high. 

-Massacre and Undead Tamer bosses (two quest bosses) will now spawn quicker, previously people would have to wait long times for them to respawn to continue in these quests.

-Added a new quest in the 350+ area.

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