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17.10.2018 -
Automatic house cleanup
Author: GM Lunia

Today we will add a system which will clean houses from inactive players.

Players will now automatically lose their houses after 10 days of inactivity, this happens at server startup. So it happens after the server restarts, which mean sometimes a player might keep their house for longer than 10 days, depending on the times the server restarts.

 House items will automatically be sent to the players inbox now when their leaving their house, but there are some limitations to this, it will only transfer 200 items at maximum, and only backpacks containing less than 20 items and the rest of the items will stay inside the house so if you want to be sure to keep your items then you need to manually clean your house. But generally, all of your items should be automatically transferred unless you got backpacks containing lots of items.

We also added another level 500+ quest, it's one of the more easy quests for that level.

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