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6.11.2017 -
Hello and welcome!
Author: GM Lunia

Hello and welcome to Evolunia, a brand new evo server that is focused on making a fun pvp and pve experience. Right now it's just in a testing phase. ‌And during the testing phase we're going to add more content, and try to find all bugs before we officially launch and advertise the server.

General Info:

-Medium staged rates.

-Monsters with skulls, for instance, you can find red skulled monsters that are more powerful and grant experience everytime you hit them, white skulled monsters that split on death, orange skulled monsters that spawn in a cluster, and there's even more!

-Lots of new and unique spells, an example is super exiva which tells you exactly in what area a player is. Or icestorm that summons a tornado around you for 10 seconds and damages every monster in an area close to you.

-Improved monster AI. Now they follow you instead of lagging behind 1 second, like in most new servers.

-Random attribute points, your character randomly gets 1 attribute everytime you complete a quest or get an achievment.

-Oldschool spell formulas, you get much more damage per level.

-Spawns with hidden mounts and addons.

-Quests with unique and interesting mechanics, and each quest gives good rewards.

-Changed exhaust system, you can now use potions + runes at the same time.

-Passive spell system, unlock passive spells for your vocation, they automatically cast when you are attacking a target.

-New damage types, an example is pure damage.

Enjoy your time here at evolunia.


PORT: 7171

CLIENT: 10.98

If you have any questions, I'm always online on GM Luna, so I will read your messages but it might take a while to respond if I'm afk.

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