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9.10.2018 -
Some new spells!
Author: GM Lunia

Server will restart in 10 minutes to make some small fixes.

-Exhaustion now works like before, so it will be smooth to run and use potions at the same time now (like before today).

-You can now buy skull remover at the token store for 300 tokens.

-Red and and black skulled players will now lose 5x more experience on death but they won't lose all their equipment on death anymore, the chance for them to lose items is the same as it is for a non blessed player (even if the redskull has bless). 


-Added 7 new spells for higher lvled players, 2 for sorcs & druids, 1 for pallies, 2 for knights

-Added more houses, they're located west inside the city

-Healing bonus should now properly work with mana potions

-Changed back how "action" exhausts normally work in otservers, this will fix an issue that we had,, but it might make it less smooth when you're trying to push things, open corpses, or press monster boxes while spamming potions. But I think most players won't even notice the difference, we will look into adding the smoother system back in the future.

A new mission NPC will come tomorrow.

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