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1.10.2018 -
First patch
Author: GM Lunia

-Two new spawns were added in the 350 zone.

-The auto healing for knights now proritizes health potions more.

-Ultimate spirit potion now gives more mana.

-A new quest was added in the 350 zone.

-A new spell for knights was added at level 200, utito perma, it will give the caster a permanent buff of either +5% damage reduction, or +5% attackspeed. The first time it's cast it will give +5% damage reduction, if you cast it again it will give +5% attackspeed instead, and you can switch between those two whenever you want. The buff will also stay on you even if you relog or die.

-Made it possible for me to edit pvp damage between different vocations, with this I made it so that knights and paladins take 8% reduced damage (this was already added yesterday), this will most likely be changed in the future again.

-Fixed utito gran tempo's cooldown (it was longer than intended, now it's shorter)

-Add more bosses, previously there was just 1 boss, now there's 4. You can see which bosses are alive, when they were last killed, and where they spawn with a new command called !bosses. The first time you kill a boss you get an attribute point, so every player should try to kill all of the bosses atleast once. All bosses also have unique drops, so from them you can get equipment and other stuff you can't find anywhere else.

-Getting Orbs from monsters is now more common, this should make it better for those who hunt manually.

-Enabled criticals in pvp again, but they now deal 75% of your critical damage inside pvp. So if you would have 200% critical damage, your criticals deal 150% damage instead. We know that the pvp in the server is very weird now, but we will try our best to adjust it and make it feel good.


And if you would like to help us creating this server, we would love to have maps created by you! There have already been some people willing to help us, but we could always need more so if you want to create a spawn or a quest, then you can send them to us and if they are good enough we will add them into the game. Our team is only currently two people, Lunia (does practically everything, mapping, managing, scripting)  and Emil (pays for server costs, advertisements etc). So we could always need some extra help with maps especially to speed up updates.


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