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30.9.2018 -
First day
Author: GM Lunia

First day

Today was a smooth day, there were no crashes at all, and we expected them to happen. Because of this server saved every 2minutes, now I reduced it to every 10minutes. 

There wasn't any big bugs reported either,,, most of the small ones that were reported has also already been fixed! Some players do have concerns about balance,,, but there will most likely be a balance patch later in the future, now there is still systems we want to add that will change how balance works,, for example we want to add some item upgrading system.

There was a performance issue, our servers cpu usage went up to 120%, but Lunia looked up how to locate what takes most performance, and that issue should be fixed by now too!

We also started working on some small new things,, for example knights will most likely get a new spell tomorrow,, its meant to replace exori gran ico, and to be a more cool and fun spell, and its not meant for balance, its just to add a cooler spell so people dont get dissapointed when they unlock gran ico. In future there will be such changes to other vocations spells too. 

 We will try our best to write daily updates on what we are doing and thinking! :)

Some small changes today:

-Reduced death penalty by 50%.

-Criticals are disabled in pvp for now.

-Paladins & knights takes 25% reduced damage in pvp.

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