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21.9.2018 -
Second beta!
Author: GM Lunia


We're planning to open the server for a second beta for the public again. Since the  server was last online we have added tons of new features such as:

-Club, sword and axe fighting was turned into melee fighting.

-Tons of new attributes for items (Critical hit chance, Critical damage, Mana leech, Bonus to weapon attack, Life Leech, Chain, Healing Increase, Damage Reduction, Healing Increase)

 -Changed how bows & ammunitions work, now bows and crossbows will have the majority of their damage and ammunitions gives only small bonuses.

-Store Container was reworked into a Charm Container, there you can put charms (which is a new item type) and they will give you bonuses while inside the charm container.

-Exiva will now show in what spawn/quest a player is inside.

-Added "Smart Healing Bot". This is an automatic bot ingame, which will automatically heal and use potions for your character, it's on by default and it will automatically detect what spell and potion is best for you to use. 

-Changed how items exhaustions work, this will make gameplay a bit smoother (if you spam for example a potion hotkey, you can still push items and use other items at the same time)

-Custom client with tons of new monsters, items and effects!

-Monsters with levels, and reworked how all skulled creatures function.

During our beta there's still lots of stuff that we want to add, and we hope to gain a lot of feedback and reports about how everything currently functions.

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