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16.11.2017 -
Small update
Author: GM Lunia

-New spells for sorcs and druids, exevo mas pura and exevo mas frigo. They are learned at level 450. 

-Knights heal a little bit more with exura ico.

-Increased the damage of exevo gran max frigo and exevo gran max mort.

-Redskulled creatures now have a chance to drop "attribute reroll tokens". An example is:  "You see a damage reroll token. Using this item removes one attribute point from damage and randomly adds it into a new attribute. "

-Mystery boxes now have a chance to give attribute reroll tokens.

-Added a new modifier to characters, you can now get damage reduction from quests etc. It reduces all damage taken by a percentage. When you look on yourself it will tell you how much you have (unless it's at zero). 

-Added a new quest in the 350 area, it's the easiest quest in that area. It gives 5% damage reduction.


Sorry for all the restarts today!

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