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there are several bugs in the beta client OT Clien...
Zawodze02317.11.19 19:21:39
by Zawodze
During the day time has anyone else been experienc...
Evil Webline04003.11.19 23:19:46
by Evil Webline
Been a long time since i've pked here mainly due t...
King Biskut03702.11.19 09:00:54
by King Biskut
Cant log on to my character
Getting a debug everytime i try to log in to this ...
Deadly Envy15909.10.19 19:06:48
by GM Lunia
Daily task
Icy vortexs daily task have bug i can't complete t...
Nidyt14408.10.19 18:32:27
by GM Lunia
THE BUG in temple
i was have thebug in temple cant login for 2 chara...
Tozik35006.10.19 22:41:58
by GM Lunia
Ancient Golem, Quest
In the Ancient Golem spawn there is a stairs, if I...
Chandler Bing17904.09.19 09:48:34
by Womba
Mystery Box
When buying a Mystery Box from the lever-shop abov...
Chandler Bing07013.08.19 03:31:51
by Chandler Bing
Stamina Doll
What's the point of stamina dolls if your system d...
Elbeeus012720.06.19 12:16:45
by Elbeeus
Paladin Changes
Hello there fellow Evolunia geeks! From a balan...
Filosof119313.06.19 20:17:41
by Elite Tripister
Regeneration attribute change
Hello there fellow Evolunia geeks! I think we c...
Filosof09413.06.19 05:10:58
by Filosof
Server is offline
Hi, Found a massive bug - the server is offline...
Thelin113828.05.19 09:37:06
by Thelin
why do not magebot work here????...
Itz Flawless019523.05.19 00:30:24
by Itz Flawless
just got hacked and lost all of my items..... anyw...
Rulle014320.05.19 00:00:21
by Rulle
Lost my backpack?
Hi, I'm very dismayed because this morning(08/05/2...
Piranha Bendita119612.05.19 10:33:50
by Kylian Mbappe
Nice Nerf pally .. Gz
my Dmg with 1,4k pally is now like on 600 lvl GZ.....
Azathriel331706.05.19 23:23:53
by Rayye
Pushing not working?
A huge thing to fix since it's kind of a lot of pv...
Karalho111002.05.19 19:12:43
by Sorc
potion 200 quest bug
Ball on position and statue still blocking telepor...
Wolololo011529.04.19 10:55:25
by Wolololo
Fuck GM
Server sucks....
Shok Tiburon Pro018422.04.19 05:37:24
by Shok Tiburon Pro
Alexander The Master021308.04.19 22:22:21
by Alexander The Master

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