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Is this server forgotten? Atleast update ur s...
Abjat36320.02.19 15:25:46
by Sorc
Peruanos Culiaos0820.02.19 04:59:13
by Peruanos Culiaos
Daily Quest
11:52 Daily: You have completed your daily task, y...
Peruanos Culiaos15016.02.19 17:58:11
by Dikku Kyuban
Exp Stage Bug
Hello. When i write command !serverinfo than my ex...
Misiaczek13711.02.19 14:09:07
by Dikku Kyuban
Could you please increase damage of new bosses? ...
Dikku Kyuban03008.02.19 12:59:30
by Dikku Kyuban
Map clean
Hello, could you add map clean? Peope do this, so...
Rapi02508.02.19 12:17:58
by Rapi
balanced voc
Nice... 900 lvl sorcerer can one shot 700lvl rp...
Dikku Kyuban15008.02.19 01:14:09
by Pil
Let's start a discussion. Is Horungar really a ped...
Shok Tiburon Pro413605.02.19 19:43:47
by Dikku Kyuban
reroll tokens
Can you please make that u can reroll max 10 or mo...
Dikku Kyuban02502.02.19 11:25:34
by Dikku Kyuban
AutoLoot Function Not Working
Hello. In general, autoloot is working but, autolo...
Always High04428.01.19 16:10:38
by Always High
If you go down from the ladder in Skull hunters an...
White Widow02725.01.19 22:05:03
by White Widow
Hello, I found a bug on "Glooth Bandit"....
Na Piszczel02124.01.19 20:53:20
by Na Piszczel
Buff RP
Rp's too weak...
Pil04524.01.19 14:31:46
by Pil
Uber exori gran
Hi. Could you fix uber exori gran, the lvl 700 spe...
Peruanos Culiaos15023.01.19 18:46:19
by GM Lunia
When will there be updates There meny stuff that...
Leathal Bex03517.01.19 15:19:53
by Leathal Bex
dead ots
Nice dead ots. Had huge future and lack of updates...
Tommy Boy29415.01.19 21:23:27
by Tommy Boy
Ring quest 350
We cant pass this way on ring 350 , please fix thi...
King Of Poland19823.12.18 15:38:14
by Sorc
Quest log
Hello. Could you please add quest log for quest...
Tommy Boy315820.12.18 12:13:21
by Sorc
Discoverer/Entreprenuer outfits
Hi, I think there is a bug with discoverer outfit....
Waterloo16917.12.18 00:10:46
by GM Lunia
Can you DAAAAMNNN please remove exp pot from shop?...
Tommy Boy321717.12.18 00:06:17
by GM Lunia

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