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Words Description
!spells Shows a list of the spells available for your vocation.
!commands Shows a list of the available commands
!serverinfo Shows your current exp rate, skills and magic rates.
!bless/!blessing/!aol Buys all blessings.
!kills Shows the amount of frags you currently have.
!online Gives a list of the players currently online.
!buyhouse Buys the house infront of you.
!leavehouse Sells your current house.
!autoloot Use the words !autoloot add, fire sword. to automatically pick up items.
!promotion Tells you where to buy promotion.
!stats This will give you a overview of all the custom stats like mana leech, critical damage, bonus weapon attack, damage reduction that your character has.
!npcbuffs This will display permanent NPC buffs that are available and which of them you already have.
!healingbot Toggles the Smart Healing System (automatic healing and potion usage ingame) On or Off.
!manatrain Automatically casts "Utevo Mana" every second. Utevo mana is a skill that's used for magic level training, it costs a percentage of your mana to cast, and it won't go below 50% mana.
!bosses Shows a list of all the bosses, and when they were last killed, and if they are alive and where they spawn.
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